October 2016

The Dubai-zation of Society: Can’t fight the power; just swipe your credit card instead

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  “We live in the best democracy ever,” said a 19 year old from Dubai, where citizens never vote. In the same BBC series a 27-year UAE national said, “Everybody is happy, everything is going smoothly, and I don’t think we should jeopardize that to be a democratic country.”   “Dubaization” that’s what Ece Temelkuran, Turkish writer and political commentator, calls it: “As the streets get more conservative and less…Read more

“My body, Your business?” Decisions about a woman’s body in the 21st century


    “My body, my business” screamed the banners as thousands of women left their workplace and homes and took to the streets in 60 cities and towns across Poland in October this year. The country came to a halt by a nationwide protest against further tightening of the country’s already restrictive laws on abortion. Without half their workforce, government offices, universities and schools across Poland had to stay closed….Read more

Fatalistic Optimism, Bodily Asceticism and the new, refurbished ‘Human B(e)uying’ (50% off)

athinas street showing syntagma in the distance_pic by Richa

“We are living the period of the objects (products): that is, we live by their rhythm, according to their incessant cycles. Today, it is we who are observing their birth, fulfillment, and death; whereas in previous civilizations, it was the object, instrument, and perennial monument that survived the generations of men. …Today, we are everywhere surrounded by the remarkable conspicuousness of consumption and affluence, established by the multiplication of objects,…Read more