Think outside the hole

Where do you live?


I live right here in this hole. Can you see me?


No. Is there any light in there? Can you see anything?


I can see the outline of your head surrounded by a white halo. That’s about it.


How do you survive? What do you eat down there in that dark hole?


I eat anything people up there on the surface throw down to me.

Yesterday, I got a tuna sandwich and a Diet Cola.

The day before that, I got some broccoli and what I hope was a hot dog.


I have half of a ham and cheese sandwich, but it has bite marks on it. Does that bother you?


I won’t be able to see the bite marks. If you don’t want it, I’d like to have it.


I got a mushy banana too?




Do you eat standing up? Do you own any comfortable furniture to sit on?


No, I just have two crooked pine-wood sticks.

Somebody threw ‘em down here a few weeks ago, and I was grateful to get them.


Of what use are the sticks?


I use ‘em to pretend I’m skiing on a mountain, which is the opposite of a hole.


© Brett Davidson

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