Common Interest

Finally, it was my turn to feel like Carrie from “Sex and the City.” Two of the candidates, matched by a leading online dating site for singles, asked me out on the same weekend. So just like Carrie, I scheduled a date with one candidate on Friday night – the traditional “Date Night” for the girls in that television serial- and I made lunch plans for Saturday with the other.


What more could I ask in return for the 2,000 pesos I had paid to the online dating company?


However, being Carrie was not simple. It involved reorganizing everything I normally do on those two evenings of the week. They say first impressions last forever, so I decided that the Friday candidate (let’s call him Mr. Friday) had to meet me at my best. However, I soon realized that creating great first impressions is like a precise military operation. It requires planning to the minutest of details.


Beauty salon: I decided to meet Mr. Friday with my hair proper Much inly in place rather than the usual disarray, which is its normal state. The exit time from the salon had to coincide with date time -6:00 pm- to make sure that my hair was still done.


Attire: I received and adopted the recommendation to wear a dress, and not jeans as I had previously thought. A dress, the experts said, would make me look more feminine and therefore more worthy of becoming someone’s romantic partner.


On Thursday afternoon Mr. Friday called me to arrange our date: the time and the venue. He sounded a little older than the age of 48 years old which his personals info stated. The shaky sound of his voice almost made me cancel the date, but I took a courageous stand, I decided to put aside my prejudices and continue with the plan.


After all, I had paid 2,000 pesos already and it was non-refundable.


While I was at the beauty salon, Mr. Friday called again to confirm our date, which had already been scheduled in sixty minutes. This was too much for me, but I convinced myself that a cautious candidate is a better candidate, isn´t it? Once I assured him I was on my way, he informed me he would be arriving 15 minutes later than agreed, Mexico City traffic you know. You are driving from very far away. I understand, I said very empathetically; presenting myself as any understanding future partner should. I also glanced at my watch. His 15-minute delay would also buy me time to get a manicure, and give my nails time to dry – 120%.


My hair turned out great. My nails were perfect. It was necessary to prove that I was very feminine and give out the right signals that I invest in personal care. Dress, heels, makeup. Check, Check, Check. Even my purse was a perfect match which was surprising, considering I own only one purse.


I left the beauty salon as a woman ready to meet her fate. I met the Friday-evening Mexico City traffic instead. How do I handle Friday traffic without a frown that could wrinkle my forehead? I turned on a radio station with upbeat music so I would not be overwhelmed by all those motorists returning home without a romantic date on Friday night (Date Night) like me.


My watch showed 6:15 pm. I got a phone call (Again???). It was Mr. Friday announcing he was already at the agreed venue. I will be there in 10 minutes, I said, sounding a little worried about being late, but not that much, after all a good candidate would wait on a lady like me.


Once I arrived, without really knowing how, I could figure out who Mr. Friday was from a distance. Not bad, he was tall, in good shape, had hair. He must have been a very handsome fellow when he was young. I could have run away had I decided to, I saw him first after all.


But I had already spent 2000 pesos without the possibility of a refund.


So I went ahead and introduced myself. I chose a table near the window, so I could make up a conversation based on what was happening outside in case I could not find anything else to talk about. This is actually a good tip for my future dates – I made a note to self. I hope I remember it.


We talked for two hours about interesting topics from the realm of astronomy, art, family, including the black-hole sized mystery of why I had not married, except of course that he himself had married and had maintained that status for many years. Mr. Friday was amazed. He marveled and said: We have so much in common. Common interests. Isn’t that great?


Then it occurred to me to ask how old he was when he got married. The answer he gave and his children´s ages as mentioned earlier, did not add up. There was something fishy.


So Mr. Friday revealed that he had written a fake age in his personal ad. He was 55 and not 45 years old. Simple, he said, he was looking for a woman 10 years younger than him. Since we were trying to be honest with each other, I had to admit that I lied too and my real age is 5 years older than what I registered at the dating site. No big deal, he said he liked me a lot, complementing me on my good looks, especially for my age.


He asked me to go out again the following day and tried to convince me by emphasizing how much we have in common.

WOW, date overlap!!!!


The money I invested in the online dating agency was yielding an excellent return on investment.


Forget about Carrie, now I felt like Samantha from Sex and the City.


But, I replied that I had planned to take my seventy-year old aunt to the movies the following day. The poor thing has no one else in this world to go out with. Her daughter has moved to the US to look for a job, or at least that is what she said, who knows? He fell for it. Then he said he hoped we could meet the following weekend. I said I wished I could, but a cousin of mine just moved in to town and I promised to help her find an apartment.


I pass. I am not going to see Man Friday again despite all our common hobbies and interests. I could not help but wonder why Mr. Friday could not come to the conclusion that I lied about my age for the same reason he did?


I am also not interested in dating a guy much older than me. We had that in common too.


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