The Gift of Erving Goffman: The Micro-Drama of Everyday Life


“He who would combat false consciousness and awaken people to their true interests has much to do, because the sleep is very deep. And I do not intend here to provide a lullaby but merely to sneak in and watch the way people snore” (Goffman 1974:14).   Pierre Bourdieu shortly after Goffman’s death thus aptly described him as the ‘discoverer of the infinitely small’.   The Importance of the Everyday…Read more

Number One Killer of Women in the World: Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)


Non-communicable diseases or NCDs are the world’s number one killer, causing 60% of all deaths globally or nearly 35 million deaths every year.   Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), also sometimes commonly referred to as chronic diseases, include cardiovascular disease (heart disease, hypertension and stroke), diabetes, lung diseases, cancer, and mental illnesses.   Previously thought of as diseases of the rich and elderly; 80% of NCD-related deaths now occur in low- and middle-income…Read more

Natyashashtra: Emotion, Communication and the Mirror of Life

Image 1_Nataraja_Natyashashtra Image from Wikipedia

The wisdom and depth of the Natyashashtra is lost to much of today’s world that looks to study communication science from the eyes of largely cognitive based learning theories.   “Natyashashtra”, a classical Indian text on dance, drama and aesthetic theory was written by the sage Bharat Muni between second century B.C. and first century A.D. (Yadava, 1987).     The Natyashashtra, considered the fifth Veda, is written in Pali,…Read more