The Teacher


Teacher, teacher, what does it mean to be old?


It means you’ve had the opportunity to walk across this world for a very long time on your wobbly stick-legs. If you are lucky, you will have been spoiled by your family and friends, and treated with great reverence. If you’re unlucky, people pity you and sometimes even do cruel things, such as walking faster than you as a way of saying: old = slow.


Teacher, what about being young?


Being young means you can eat cereal with milk or without milk, as you like. It means cartoons are irresistible until you discover alcohol and cigarettes (which young people smoke in the woods behind their houses while trying not to get caught by older people). Being young also means you will never be old.


Teacher, is so-called “objective reality” really solid and real … or are we all living in a dream world?


Real is real and dreams are dreams. If you haven’t learned the difference between the two by now, I have failed you as a teacher. Either that or you are a remarkably dumb student.


Teacher, is work important?


If you’re the boss, the answer is yes.


Are you the boss?




If you’re the boss, who’s the employee?


I have definitely failed you as a teacher.



© Brett Davidson, 2013.

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