The Age of Organized Irresponsibility: (And) The Importance of Being C. Wright Mills


“Organized irresponsibility, in this impersonal sense, is this leading characteristic of modern industrial societies everywhere. On every hand the individual is confronted with seemingly remote organizations; he feels dwarfed and helpless before the managerial cadres and their manipulated and manipulative minions.”  C. Wright Mills, White Collar: The American Middle Classes, (1951)     ORGANIZED IRRESPONSIBILITY is no longer the American phenomenon that C. Wright Mills described in the 1950s. The global financial…Read more

Why can’t we live together? Twelve young people discuss the future in the oldest city in the Netherlands


“In a philosophical sense, the future does not exist. It is always the present. Future is something we create in our minds just to plan things. The future is not (really) the problem. It is just how we develop, how we move forward; each step we take today determines our tomorrow.”  The Radboud-12 (2014) k Facilitated by Vanessa Armendariz; all the ideas emerged from interactions of the Radboud-12 consisting of (in alphabetical…Read more

The Place of the Arts in the 21st century

Art For Sale

What if an alien being from another world appeared in your home and proved to you of his harmless intentions and demonstrated his intelligence and sensitivity and wanted you to explain to him what ART was and what was the purpose of ART in your world, what would you say?  Of course there are plenty of subjects that could lead to a comparable conundrum such as religion or even sex,…Read more