No More Fashion-ism

It would be a refreshing change to see more idealism in the world today and a quest for depth and meaning as opposed to a fashion statement, fatalism, terror, disaster along with the pervasive shallowness of the past decade of the new millennium.


If the digits are added in 2014, they add up to the number seven.  In numerology seven is the number of the mythological Hero’s Journey.  It is the number of the search for Truth, and it is connected to a “spiritual” quest rather than religious.  In the Tarot card deck its major arcane card is The Chariot, which reminds me of the setting of the Bhagavad Gita as well as reigning in conflicting energies while having the energy to pursue one’s dreams or goals.  Seven is also considered a lucky number and it is the number of completion: seven chakras and the seven planets with the implications of transcendence in the esoteric notion of the “seventh heaven”.


My wish for 2014 and beyond is that Humanity not lose its desire or ability to envision a better way to live individually and collectively on this earth and in this body. It seems is if there has been a real failure or reluctance to even try to envision a better future and more collective denial, avoidance or otherwise indulge in apocalyptic scenarios. I wish to encourage people to do their own thinking for themselves and not allow others, institutions or ideologies to do their thinking for them,  that people have the courage to take the best from their respective traditions and to leave the rest,  that they strive to break free of the self or externally imposed prisons that bind them, that they not allow themselves to be lulled to sleep by technology or consumerism and that Humanity have the courage to be heretics in the service of mankind or the planet as in the words of Tallulah Bankhead, “If I have read my history right, it is the heretics, the nonconformists, the iconoclasts who have enriched our lives, added both to our knowledge, our progress and our happiness.



© Paul Smith, 2013

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