Mothers tonight

for Tom and Max

April Saturday to April Sunday


It’s raining water and peace
in the fountain of eternity


Everything everything everything
at once damp and cold
warm and dry and
all things are busy
preparing to
dream dizzy


Be aware of the sparkle of the cosmos
within these walls
and without:
as the breathing of the cat
who owns this house


Quiet life descending sudden and
with stout parental authority
after a boisterous party


Full life family life a life of belonging
lives that are too full to
worry about singing and
in tune


More and more life


Life lovingly re-filled
like this forest of chiming
wine glasses


And afterward
a quiet which is soft as the
padded toes
of the cat
who owns this house


Only very occasionally
and most blessedly
does one savor
the electric nearness of
a life
almost unbearably
swollen with the feeling
of aliveness


Yea, verily I say unto thee:
even childless women
are mothers tonight



© Brett Davidson, 2013


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