Sadie (after Marianne Moore’s “Silence”)

Daddy used to say he liked

Aunt Sadie the best

’cause when she came to visit

she didn’t talk much

and she never stayed too long.

A day, two days. Never more

than three. She brought us

flowers and she let the flowers

do the talking. And you know

as well as me that flowers don’t

talk much. The toys she bought

for us kids weren’t the expensive

kind but they were always just

the right thing at the right time.

Once she gave me a Pan Am jet

made of die-cast metal and another

time my sister got a baby doll that

could really drink water. My sister

played with that doll for a whole day

and when that big bottle of water was

empty and the baby was full, my

sister looked up at Aunt Sadie and

Sadie said, “All gone.” We asked

her where the water went, but she

just smiled her sad tender smile and

winked at us and went back to her

crossword puzzle.


© Brett Davidson, 2013


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