Santa Claus has to be single

What did you say?


You will deliver gifts to all of the well-behaved children in the world, and coal to the naughty children on the night of Christmas Eve.


We have to buy a sleigh because you will use it to distribute the gifts and the coal.


We are going to keep the reindeers that the neighbor gave us so they pull the sleigh.


We will not be able to move to a warmer place because the reindeers cannot stand the sun, and it is no good for Rodolfo´s shiny nose.


You could not help me with house chores because you have to feed the reindeers.


You will buy tools to make toys instead of new bedroom furniture.


You will spend your weekends making toys in the garage.


The elves will live with us because they help you to make toys.


You do not need my help. That is why there are elves.


The telescope has to be in the middle of the living room because you use it to see which children are well behaved.


You are not going to fix leaky faucets today because you are reading the letters sent to you by the children of the world.


You will spend the entire Christmas Eve away from home delivering toys in the sleigh.


Yes right, of course. HO, HO, HO.



© Maria Gomez, 2013


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