The Age of Inequality – Interview with Richard Wilkinson


 One percent of our world’s population owns half of the world’s wealth. The wealth of this one percent amounts to $110 trillion which is 65 times the total wealth of the bottom half of the world’s population. Seven out of ten people in our world live in countries where economic inequality has increased, often drastically, in the last 30 years. In 2013, the World Economic Forum ranked widening income inequalities…Read more

Bauman before ‘Bauman’ (Part 2) – Zygmunt Bauman talks about the 1960s, Poland, and his early work


This is Part 2 of a larger conversation between Zygmunt Bauman, Michael Hviid Jacobsen & Keith Tester. In this part they discuss and examine the decade of the 1960s in Poland as it unfolded in Professor Bauman’s academic and intellectual life; and the circumstances which shaped his early writing and growth as he left Poland, moved to Leeds, and went on to become the foremost sociologist and intellectual of our…Read more

The Poetics of Nature


Nature is a haunted house, but Art is a house that tries to be haunted.   Emily Dickinson   How many of us can authentically answer the question: What is my relationship to nature? (and do I have one if any?)   Aside from the occasional news-stimulated debates on deadly serious issues such as climate change and dismal documentaries on other equally important environmental and ecological issues, I feel that…Read more