mother’s day (2014)

i don’t know what i “like” … but i know what i desire.

i don’t know how to live … but i know that i crave life.

i don’t what ‘health’ really means … but i feel strong as a bull.

i’ve forgotten what art is … but i’ll never stop making it.


i don’t know anything about political struggles … but i have tasted true freedom and i want more.


i no longer see the world as a glob of nation-states … i see it as rivers that seek union with seas and oceans.


for me, there’s no more “humanity” … just “hum” … the buzz of flow and change.


“current affairs” bore me … give me “current” … an electric fire-fly glow that mysteriously winks on and off.


above all, we want mothers … not of “invention” but of a world in need of nourishing.



© Brett Davidson, 2014

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