ITNA – Is There No Alternative? The world is never made once and for all

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 “Each moment of human history is, to a greater or lesser degree, an open-ended situation; a situation which is not entirely determined by the structure of its own past, and from which more than one string of events may follow.”   Is it possible to start anew? Is there an alternative? They say the world is never made once and for all. Einmal ist keinmal – a German phrase that…Read more

Choose your parents wisely! If not, choose your world wisely! Prognosing the lives of the yet unborn

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Looking back at 2014, four events told the story of our world’s public health: 1) scientists blacklisted the phrase “Nature versus Nurture;” 2) release of the English version of Capital in the 21st century; 3) booming business of cord blood banks; and 4) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. I wondered what the yet unborn children were contemplating about their world on January 1, 2015.      ******…Read more

Making a connection versus Having a conversation: Can on-line, virtual communities help us regain health?

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“What technology makes easy is not always what nurtures the human spirit.” Sherry Turkle   Does membership and participation in an online community on the social media truly benefit an individual who may be affected by a (health) problem that affects his or her own sense of self? Social media sites virtually connect millions of people around the world erasing the notion of geographic boundaries, and online communities are also…Read more