The World Series

We came into contact through a popular smart phone application for singles. From the beginning, our online conversations flowed naturally and it seemed to me that I had found one of a kind: an intelligent, sensitive and according to his picture, a gorgeous looking guy.


On new year´s eve we stayed connected online and sent greetings to each other at 12 midnight sharp. This made me feel like a teenager getting to first base with her date. Soon, he began sending kisses and it did not take that long for me to reciprocate and to do the same. We had reached second base.


Every day we would share our daily activities and even had some disagreements that can be considered as the quarrels or fights of any normal couple but it was all online. He would try to make up after the fights by sending images of exotic flowers and beautiful poems. Every reconciliation tasted like third base.


The singular brilliance of the first full moon of the year was an occasion for exchanging dozens of photos taken from our respective locations. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, I stopped receiving messages from him, hence crossing home became impossible.


However, to miss him so much every time I see the full moon means winning The World Series to me.



© Maria Gomez, 2015

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