For the day after tomorrow: Can the curious human brain take on technology?

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TODAY   Today, we don’t have to remember anything! Miraculous storage devices provide constant reference and retrieval.   Today we don’t have to depend on anyone for answers. The world of search engines helps us traverse across information boundaries and beyond.   Today, we don’t have to meet people to have fun. The world of social media sites provide the awesome delight of knowing one another better and even getting…Read more

Kill the classics: Are the social sciences living in the past?

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“In science, each of us knows that what he has accomplished will be antiquated in ten, twenty, fifty years. That is the fate to which science is subject […] Whoever wishes to serve science has to resign himself to this fact.” – Max Weber, ‘Science as a Vocation’ (Wissenschaft als Beruf) Lecture at Munich University, 1917   The discipline of sociology stands in an exceptional position within the sphere of…Read more

Tomorrow-lands; crashes with a thud and dud on Hollywood: Black-box of Hope does not tell the Truth

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Released in theaters two weeks apart in the summer of 2015, one movie, Tomorrowland, about positive attempts to make the planet’s real future better failed to attract audiences; while a second movie, Jurassic World, about dinosaurs trampling each other in an unrealistic future made the fastest billion dollars at the global box office in the history of Hollywood.  Why did a cultural product that wants to make us all better…Read more