Case of the missing girl child in India: The tragedy of communicating social development as economic advancement rather than cultural transformation

Girl child in india

Nearly 1.4 million girls were missing at birth in 2008. In India, half a million girls go missing at birth each year – more than the number of girls born annually in the UK . Missing girls at birth is a result of sex-selective abortions (SSA), which is the voluntary termination of pregnancy based on the anticipated or predicted sex of the child.   Sex-selective abortions: The global situation  …Read more

Chances, choices, collective action: Can we close the gender gap in this lifetime?

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Nearly 90% of 173 countries have one or more laws that discriminate against women states a World Bank report released in September 2015. USA is one of the 4 countries with no specific national laws requiring paid parental leaves for new mothers; Iran and Qatar are among 18 countries where married women have to take permission of their husbands to go to work. And in 32 countries, a married woman…Read more

Technology: Smart tablet or just a new drug? (Lessons for use of technology with children)


The growing use of technology at home and at school is no longer a convenience; it is a threat. Parents and schools are pushing technology, believing that technology is the future, and kids need a head start. However, these studies show that technology is not making kids smarter, it is turning them into addicts.   AT HOME Technology addiction, in the form of internet or electronic gadgets, looms as a…Read more

That time of the month…


As medical science continues to grow in the 21st century, ideals of femininity will also change; but to what extent will this liberate women from their biological straitjacket? Women all over the world continue to view menstruation as their “dirty little secret.” Kiran Gandhi and Chella Quint are forcing people to confront their inhibitions, insecurities and discomforts associated with menstruation; albeit in very different ways. Ms. Gandhi ran a marathon in…Read more