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Dr. Debra E Clark, has a doctoral degree in communication, a Master’s Degree in cultural studies and a Bachelor of Science degree in interdisciplinary studies (journalism/pre-med).  She has been an international development manager for a major airline based in the U.K. and negotiated with nearly 81 countries. She is a professional writer for several magazines, news and academic journal publications. Whilst pursuing her graduate degrees, Dr. Clark worked as an organ recovery development and education specialist, an organ recovery coordinator (medical management, consent & organ placement), became a Post Doc Science Editor Fellow, and now holds the position of Associate Professor of Communication & Digital Media Studies for the University of Houston, Clear Lake, Houston, Texas.


Whilst in academia, she held a nationally prominent consulting position with Major League Baseball for 6 years, designing Homeland Security interoperability communication programs, training, & exercises in the USA and Canada.


Her current research is interdisciplinary, spanning a variety of topics including global communication literacy, health communication and disease, art and health communication, social media platforms for education, and policies as they relate to communication and/or education.  Her passion is developing narratives that emphasize public health communication with images. She has been working on a blog that uses text and Miksang photography images to address the fastest growing health concern in the world, Hepatitis C. She is currently involved with a consortium of Houston Universities as a Master Teacher of Global Media Literacy and the Humanities. A list of her publications by Blakely and now Clark, can be found at



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