Family Picture

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Berry for their 50th wedding anniversary. What an excellent opportunity to take a family picture. I am going to tell you where to stand for this group photograph. Mr. and Mrs. Berry´s children and their spouses – please take a position on either side of your parents such that they are exactly in the middle. Next, all grandchildren stand exactly one step below your parents.


Great composition; this will be a perfect family picture.


All ready. Everyone in their assigned places. Now smile at the camera.


You? Why are you complaining? Because you were left aside? Why did I leave you aside? Because you destroy the symmetry in this family photo. Don’t you understand the meaning of a family photo – to portray people with their families? People like you spoil the look of my work. From now on I will charge extra for every single person to be included in a family picture.



© María Gómez, 2015

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