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Patrick Burkart is Professor of Communication at Texas A&M University, USA. He is also Visiting Scholar at University of Helsinki Department of Communication; and has served as Assistant Professor at Karlstad University, Sweden. He is the Editor of Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture.


His research specialization is in international communication, global media studies, critical media studies, and intellectual property.


Patrick has authored or co-authored various books and written many book chapters. Some of the books authored him include the following titles:


  • Pirate Politics: The New Information Policy Contests.
  • Music and Cyberliberties.
  • Digital music wars: Ownership and control of the Celestial Jukebox.


Some his published papers are on the following topics:

  • Piracy and social change: Revisiting pirate cultures – Editorial Introduction.
  • Intellectual property rights.
  • Music in the Cloud and the Digital Sublime.
  • Loose Integration in the Popular Music Industry.
  • Infrastructure for the Celestial Jukebox
  • Hacking, jamming, boycotting, and out-foxing the markets for new media.
  • Trends in digital music archiving
  • Post-privacy and ideology: a question of doxa and praxis.
  • Gunboat Diplomacy and Pirate Sanctuaries: The Use of Trade Agreements to Promote Copyright Reform.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Automating fandom in music communities.
  • Cyberlibertarians unite: Open source digital music curation is coming.
  • A patently political dispute: Software patents in the European Community.
  • Free TV: White spaces and the broadcast flag.
  • Moving targets: Introducing mobility into universal service obligations


Patrick completed his PhD in International Communication from The University of Texas at Austin, School of Communication in the year 2000. Before that, in 1993, he obtained a Masters of Arts (MA) in Comparative Politics from McGill University, Montréal, Canada. His Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Political Science was obtained in 1991 from Reed College, Portland, Oregon.



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