Person of the Years Ahead: A Humanoid – Robot


A humanoid-robot as “that” person of the years ahead? Why not?   Instead of looking back in time, and profiling someone or something that has influenced the past year’s events — after all the past was so 2015. We looked ahead – to the future. In keeping with the spirit of Star Wars, we decided to continue to create mythologies of the future. Our choice: ChihiraAico, humanoid robot woman, who…Read more

New Year Resolutions: I will marry my smart-phone

smart phone and woman edited jan 11

  Pharriage: humans exchanging “rings” with phones and finally getting officially married to their (smart) phones; choosing smart phones as spouses over painful partners.   Well most of us are already “phnuggling” (snuggling with our phones instead of our partners), so can “pharriage” be far away?   Do you, Jill, take this phone, Jack, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better and for worse, in sickness…Read more

Hunger Games: Living and falling out of trains in Mumbai


“Here’s some advice. Stay alive.” ― S. Collins, The Hunger Games     Imagine an upright coffin.   A standard-sized metal casket 7 feet in height, 2 feet across, and less than 2 feet in depth. At exactly 8 am in the morning, try to get inside this coffin. You are not alone. There is a crowd, pushing and shoving, all trying to get inside that coffin along with you….Read more