Johan Cruyff: Total Player of The Beautiful Game

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Johan Cruyff, guru of total football, died on March 24, 2016 at the age of 68. He scored 33 goals in 48 appearances for his country, Netherlands. He won the European Cup multiple times as a player and then as a coach. He thrice won the Ballon D’Or, an award given to the best footballer of his generation. A select set of players has won it thrice: Zinedine Zidane, Lionel…Read more

Have elections become the poison of today’s democracy?

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Free and fair competitive elections, that represent the will of the people, are a fundamental requirement for a modern democracy. Since the 17th century, representative democracy has been characterized by the conduct of elections among the public to choose a person for public office. And slowly but surely more and more excluded groups have become members of the voting public thanks to progressive movements of universal suffrage. However, the case of…Read more

From Beirut to Bombay: Big cities struggle to manage their own waste


You Stink!   In July 2015, thousands of Lebanese citizens rallied on the streets of Beirut protesting against the government’s inaction over enormous heaps of garbage lying all over the city. Barely a week ago, the government had shut the Naameh landfill, that served most of Beirut, because it had outrun its capacity.  The city’s garbage collection company just stopped collecting trash two days after Naameh’s closure, saying its own…Read more