Make America Silent Again (THE ESSAY)

No one can hear me. Over the noise and dust of all the hard electioneering for the post of Presidential nominee. The Presidential campaign is exactly like that for any consumer item. Pick one Presidential nominee from among many. You choose.


Choose me – screams a presidential hopeful to a young, gun-carrying, evangelist Christian. I promise to give you what you want, says the presidential nominee from the podium.


What does the a follower of Christ, who carries a gun, want?


Choose me – screams a lip gloss to a young woman confused about her own sexuality. I promise to give you what you want, says the lip gloss from over the counter at a fancy department store.


What does a young woman, who is unsure of herself, want?


So everyone screams. Anyone or anything with an agenda screams. Anyone or anything without an agenda screams too.


The television, the media-experts news-anchors, products at Walmart, Wal-mart itself. Lovers scream, children do it as a birth-right, priests and politicians scream from their pulpits, motorists scream from inside their cars, even wives and husbands scream at each other, everywhere. Everyone screams. Even people’s clothes scream their brands, Everything screams.


Why? To get themselves seen, get their voices heard over the noise, over the clutter. There is too much noise, too much clutter, they say.


Everyone wants you to choose them or choose what they they are selling?


What if I chose silence?


Is that choice even on the menu?


No. You cannot have silence, says the presidential nominee. You cannot have silence, says the lip gloss.


Where can I find silence?




Help me, I scream.


Can you hear me?



© Dennis Dodson, 2016

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