Why do you sit on an elevated golden throne, Master?

Sanya-sin (Ssin): Why do you sit on an elevated golden throne, Master? Why not sit down here on the floor with the rest of us?


Guru-ji (G-ji):  Surely you can guess the answer for yourself.


Ssin:  Is it because you want to feel superior to the rest of us?


G-ji:  No … I don’t want to feel superior, and yet I am compelled to pretend, for                                  your sake, as though I am.


Ssin:  Why is this, Master?


G-ji:  I feel superior because I listen to all your idiotic opinions about the world, all day  long, and I accept your opinions. Without liking them, I accept them. But very few people can accept mine. Sannyasins say stupid things, and I smile and nod. I smile at the beauty of the utter meaninglessness of your perceptions. Then I say something, I respond to you, and people are shocked.  They try to correct me. They tell me I am not “permitted” to think or say what I say.

xx      Occasionally, my recognition of this dynamic gives me a feeling of superiority …  which is exceedingly unfortunate for me. Because, in truth, I’m in no way superior to you. And yet your chronic inflexibility tempts me into suspecting that  I might be, in some way, existing at a higher level.


           Ha! Such moments fade quickly, and the light of the Divine disperses this time-wasting confusion.


           Here I sit before you — God’s Fool! — watching the discordant flow of your poisoned minds, accepting you as you are. And, daily, I endure the voices and finger-wagging of those accusing me, your so-called Master, of being “cruel” and “inhumane” by sannyasins who’ve tricked themselves into believing they’ve grasped miniscule scraps of insight about life and death.

xxxxxI express my awareness of this situation by elevating myself. As soon as you’ve learned to accept my idiotic opinions as readily as you accept your own, we can all sit together at the same level.


Ssin:  Will you then come down and sit among us, Master?


G-ji:   No, I will not. I shall invite you to be seated upon your own thrones, up here with me.



As overheard by Bear Rajneesh, Esquire in Pune on April 1, 2016 and whispered as a mantra in Brett Davidson’s left ear.

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