Brexit? Grexit? What — me worry? Voters of the world beware. You have everything to lose!


Everyone’s talking about Brexit. Everyone’s forgotten about Grexit. First the media drummed up the consequences of Brexit, then the ways of Theresa May, and finally appointment of  Boris Johnson – leader of the leave pack – as UK’s Euro-connect.   Why so much worry about Brexit (UK’s exit from the EEC)? [Yianiris looks at the media hoopla over Brexit from the front-lines of the protracted war of attrition in Greece…Read more

It’s the education, stupid: Has the formal education system failed America and the world?

Edu 2

Two images caught our attention in the past few weeks. How are these two images connected? The first was that of children in rural China climbing a kilometer-long bamboo ladder on a sheer rock face on their way to and from school. The other was from 24/7 television news channels of the 2016 US Presidential election campaign. Hilary Clinton, Democratic candidate speaking about her version of inclusive capitalism at a rally;…Read more

Is technology making us murderously selfie-sh?


The obsession with mobile phones clearly demonstrates the mental pathology of our generation; people would much rather speak on a mobile than to another human. First, the craziness to click selfies was simply annoying; but now it has led to senseless killing of animals; just for a selfie!   Technology, the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, supposedly makes human lives better; but, does having this ability in our…Read more