Bad investment

What a waste of time, effort and money? These guys that you meet through that popular online dating app – they just want to have a good time without ever wanting to commit to you.


So while you are having fun in a trendy restaurant meeting people from that dating app, I am enjoying a nice evening with my family, after I have cooked dinner, polished the china and cleaned the dining room.


It must be terribly annoying to be constantly answering messages on your smartphone – messages filled with compliments and pictures of flowers from guys that desperately want to go out with you. Fortunately the only messages I get are from my husband and they remind me that I must buy beer when I’m at the supermarket.


I no longer spend money on beauty salon or clothes to wear on my nights out because I spend my weekends with my husband in the cottage of my in-laws.


Instead look at you. You have to assign a large part of your income to fill your wardrobe with beautiful clothes, with shoes to wear when you go out on dates with guys you met through that popular on line dating app.


Bad investment.


Because the only thing those guys want is to enjoy life; they want to dance all night along with you, no strings attached.



© María Gómez, 2016




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