Brexit? Grexit? What — me worry? Voters of the world beware. You have everything to lose!

Everyone’s talking about Brexit. Everyone’s forgotten about Grexit. First the media drummed up the consequences of Brexit, then the ways of Theresa May, and finally appointment of  Boris Johnson – leader of the leave pack – as UK’s Euro-connect.


Why so much worry about Brexit (UK’s exit from the EEC)? [Yianiris looks at the media hoopla over Brexit from the front-lines of the protracted war of attrition in Greece - being conducted by Greek's ruling elites, who want to impose austerity on those already poor and deprived in order to cleanse the sins of excess committed by the past Masters.]




Because the English voted for it. Because the good Americans threatened there would be consequences if they exit. Because the Germans didn’t believe they were so stupid to actually go through with it. Because the French were threatening to release the “jungle” through the tunnel into Britain. Because the Schengen treaty made it a violation to have controls within EEC borders (even though the UK had consistently been violating this treaty since the day they signed it). Because for more than a year the media warned the English of how many foreigners and colored people would enter the UK due to its membership in the European Union. Because the elected officials injected poison systematically and counted on the reactionary instincts of nationalism and racism while some of those in official positions maintained a pseudo-pro-EU stance.


The free and independent UK voter was informed constantly about all those aspects of European membership and under no external influence they decided, or did they?   But Brexit came with its share of headaches and niggles.   Because now the Scots want to keep a door open to the EU. Because now the Irish borders could go up again. Because now the kingdom may no longer be united. Because now some of the leaders who wanted to get out of the Euro Union are making speeches that suggest they want to stay in the Euro-economic zone. Because London has become the center of neoliberal capital. As money moves freely across borders, the suited men in London’s banks and financial institutions know its whereabouts.   Christine Lagarde, chief of International Monetary Fund said that while Brexit has introduced uncertainty into the global economy, Brexit will not lead to a global recession. The immediate effects will be on the UK. Almost 80,000 banking and finance jobs could move out of London to other cities and financial centers in Europe. This number has been reported by the Boston Consulting Group after interviewing 360 leading bankers in Europe and USA about their thoughts on the impact of Brexit. (Of course France has promised to welcome the influx of financial professional staff.)




It is all the “voters’” fault – all this negative impact the choice of Brexit will have on the UK “economy”.   The people have to be punished. It wasn’t the leaders, the financial advisors, the EEC or the US advocating the exit, it wasn’t the responsible and informative media, it was simply the voter’s fault. The voter is solely responsible for the portrayed consequences that domestic and foreign leaders had pursued for the UK and everyone else anyway.   Are you a voter, then you should be worried? Because now there will be no more welfare state for the people of UK. No more 35-hour work weeks, or stable work hours. Because now there will be no labor laws. There will be no labor contracts with unions and its members. Everything will be flexible, or rather workers will be flexible to any employer demand.



It should be noted for those not so informed in EEC matters that the UK never joined or seriously considered participating in the Euro-zone. EEC membership and Euro currency participation are separate matters. For smaller/weaker economies it was indirectly mandatory to join the Euro to survive the trade conditions. Once a country would enter the Euro-zone its currency and regulatory power relating to currency flow was surrendered to the ECB (European Central Bank). To exit the Eurozone a whole new currency totally unknown by international financial markets would have to establish itself. This could result in decades of minimal purchasing power of commodities from the international market. The advantages of regulating one’s own currency are simply being able to cover fiscal shortages by printing more of it, therefore devaluating the currency.   The Euro-Zone states have lost this autonomy as their currency is centrally controlled by the ECB in Frankfurt. Only essential imports and primarily oil/energy is affected by a self-devaluation of the currency. Debt in other currencies also increases. For an oil producing economy with a currency among the top three worldwide in reliability this would never be an issue of great concern. But the UK never had such concerns.   So why is it an issue for the UK whether they voted against EEC but eventually they will stay, or if they had voted the other way their officials may actually decide to cause an inevitable exit?


Why are we having so much difficulty in understanding Brexit?




Because the codes of transactions in our current-day world have changed. And no one in the media is discussing these codes. So, I thought I will share them with you. There are 4 main codes on which today’s world operates…


Code #1: Capital is the King of the world: Don’t even try and fight it


Even as the world sinks like the Titanic because the social and natural world have crashed against this giant seemingly immovable force called Capitalism. Brexit just proves the point that Capital is supreme in the world today. They want borders for people everywhere but no borders for money, goods and services. Capital without borders. Money can flow across continents and countries, no questions, no passport, no detention either. People, no chance.   If you insist in being informed by mass media you will see many trees but no forest. Ever since the “crisis”, in reality the fiscal crisis of the Greek state GDP ratio, among many other European states, was much worse than that of Greece. Why is the one nation non-viable and not the others?




In reality every “modern” state’s debt is non-viable unless there is tremendous and constant development and increase in production and profits. It takes no genius to realize that something like this is unrealistic for ANY state. So what does this fiscal crisis really mean? Simple: The rich and powerful can withdraw today the profits of their potential business and profits of tomorrow (if the state assists them to develop more sources of exploitation and conditions where exploitation becomes more feasible) while the debt for their withdrawal of wealth today goes on the shoulders of not just the working people of tomorrow but even their next generations.   The state borrows to fund their projects which would only make sense if tomorrow’s potential development can exist. Not only they are profiting on today’s exploitation, they are borrowing against the maximum of tomorrow’s exploitation. If the plan fails the rich keep the money, the state says OOPS!!!!, and the next generation of the people pay the ticket. Now why would anyone be so cynical to predict that OOPS!! was part of the plan. Oops.. when HSBC and its investors made trillions out of money that was borrowed by the state for tomorrow.   They keep the borrowed money as legalized profit, the state goes into debt, non-viable debt at some point!


Of course there is help available. The IMF (World Bank-IBRD) will help. They helped Brazil long time ago and made a name for themselves. One tropical forest lost, the world’s highest percentage of people with NO land, the world’s highest concentration of crime, slums, diseases, and the highest percentage of foreign capital ownership of land, resources, and production. Does an international common market sound like a nightmare? Not really, unless we are talking of a free and open market of slaves, lives, and trafficking in human dignity.

 brazil deforestation amazon


Wait, there is more. There is green development.


The Northern-Western Europeans care for the environment. They use BIO-diesel instead. Thousands and thousands of hectares of tropical forest in “South-East Asia” are cut daily and burned to plant a “non-edible grain” that is most effective for bio-diesel production. Together with trees they bulldozed a few hundreds of native indigenous communities that lived harmonically with the forest for thousands of years. They will never see the day of “green energy light”. They saw their native land lost “FOR EVER”. No, nightmare here, the atmosphere here in Leipzig is very clean now. No more coal dust. The Neo-Nazi flags of Pegida will not have to be cleansed on a daily basis. But wait, there is even a better solution than consuming clean natural gas from the Russians and have to depend on their relations and blackmail. BP (that is British Petroleum for you) will bring a pipe from Azerbaijan through Turkey, and thousands of hectares of Balkan forests to Germany. Not because there is a deficiency on the supplied volume, but with choice comes the leverage lost when bargaining with emperor Putin and his gang. But natural gas is green energy, it is green development. Obama was elected on green development prospects. He wouldn’t have been elected under the “black lives matter” agenda.   The 1776 and 1789 revolutions are now over. King Capital has defeated the revolutionaries, and its capital is (or was) London, and its army is NATO. There is now a western empire, and an eastern empire. King Capital will now openly declare war with earth.



Can you do that? Can you have your financial cake and eat it too? And not allow the hungry man to cross the line and come into your garden party to eat the crumbs? If you are a voter, you can’t. But, YES, they can.   Who they? The super-rich, who make 0.001% of the world population, but own more than half the planet and the other 1% that serve as their managers. They are the money-men. Money gives them superpowers. They can do anything We, the people had no chance anyway. History is witness to that. However, now under neoliberalism any sliver of hope of any remote chance is also brutally swept away.




Code #2: Murder the welfare state and along with it any semblance of human caring and dignity
Brexit, Grexit? In the euro, Out of the euro? These are not the right questions.   The right question is: With a welfare state, without a welfare state? With human dignity in your own country (and in this world) or without any shred of human dignity and care? The state cries: Look we are failing. Look we are falling apart. They use the media commentators and academic experts to shout that too. We have no money. We are broke and they show you these failing numbers each time you ask a hard question about human care and dignity.   Remember, as mentioned above, this economic crisis had NO economic characteristics. It is a fake state fiscal crisis based on development expectations that were not met. There was no crisis, there is no crisis, world production is still on the rise, but England will go bankrupt if measures are not taken to keep the fiscal crisis under control.


The so-called non-profitable state cannot afford to give basic human care and dignity to its people because it has other priorities – warfare, arms, prisons, psychiatric facilities, robocops, agencies that monitor and control people, produce and use tear gas by the millions of tons. The state must not go bankrupt, it should merely survive to suppress any insurrection. Everything else is luxury. “The nation” is a perennial state of bankruptcy. It must continuously overcome the difficulties, the hard times. The country is at risk of vanishing. Our homeland and security is at stake. But no steak for anyone, except the rich 0.001% and the 1% who make it all work for them!


So is the EEC the test bed for the Neo-Liberal “first world”?   The bitter truth since the late sixties, when militant groups in Germany, Italy, and elsewhere were still blowing up and executing state and financial offices and officials, the EEC was structured so that big multinational Capital could easily consume local minor capital, while advocating social unity across borders. They advertised class cooperation through this unity. They said peace and prosperity. Instead they have promoted division and social friction. The EEC is nothing but a Dr. Evil-like plan to demolish the welfare state, level all labor laws and regulations developed through bloody struggle and syndicalism for over a century and a half, even refute the basic human rights that characterized the Haymarket “May Day” revolt of 1886. The EEC doctrine was to declare victory of Capital against working people similar to the totalitarian state of North America. If one fails to see the uniformity of the effects of this kind of super-capitalism from the slums of LA to the ghettos in Athens, from the Seattle suburbs to the Nicosia super-condominiums, the lack of health care, education, transportation, for the 30% of the “under-citizens”, one will fail to see the reason for Brexit.




So now dear voter, you have a choice.   What kind of neo-liberal capitalism would you like? We have all kinds on the supermarket shelf. All sizes and brands. Therefore, in the EU, out of the EU; engaged in the battle against Islamic State (Is it a CIA project, some ask) or pretend it does not exist; drug economy or illegal drug economy; against the mafia or neglecting the mafia – these are all options and choices within neoliberal capitalism. You choose.   The world needs change, and if you have an I-Phone and a face-in-the-book, and can vote, it can all change. You can change the world by advocating for change inside face-book and your vote for the right party. This is how “change” will take place! By the way did you know dear voter that your life is worth less than $50 in the mafia’s world market. Some may even shoot you in the head for less. They are part of the mafia and friends with the police. Keep chatting your life away!




Code #3: Neo-liberal capitalism will always win against Parliamentary politics (There is no democracy)


Greeks, like the Britons, voted last year for or against the proposal made by EU and other bankers for new measures. At nearly 80% they were all against any more severe so-called austerity measures. The radical left government of Syriza went ahead, declared a victory, and then simply accepted ALL the terms of the opposite side, and due to the delay in doing so, the Bankers imposed a few more measures just so they can show globally WHO IS THE BOSS! The “Greek experiment went well”. A few dead, many in prisons for fighting the state “in-crisis”, most human and labor rights lost, some burned buildings downtown, some state officials with bloody noses, most public land, resources, and productive structures, transformed gradually as state property, to local government property, to privatized land and resources due to “fiscal deficiencies”. All auctioned off for minimal value due to the “crisis”. Who wants a large commercial international port of a collapsing economy, “inside the EEC”, with “Greek” derelicts as customs’ agents? The Chinese conglomerate of international transport COSCO can help out this collapsing economy. Now all cheap mafia weapons, opium, cocaine, and slaved children can cross the EEC borders in the port of Piraeus. Once products are in, they are in EEC soil, no borders no customs, no control.


Piraeus Port


But wait… the voters organized on Facebook, voted for the “radical left” to stop all this. SyRiZa stands for a coalition of radical left. So why is it still going on?   Simple! Neo-liberal capitalism has defeated parliamentary politics silly. It is not up to a parliament to decide on anything. Under the conditions of a fiscal crisis “international bankers” decide on everything. The ECB, the IMF, the HSBCs of the world have a say on the lives of the port workers of Piraeus.   The puppet called Tsipras (can also call him Pinocchio for lying to Greek “voters”) and his BFF (best friend forever) Varoufakis just made fools of themselves pretending they would bargain with financial masters who laughed at their face, told them no, and told them exactly what to do. One went hiking the other still leading the “govern”ment just did exactly what they said. No options. Since 2009 there have been 5 different parties in power in Greece, from the extreme right (men with axes chasing after striking protesters in their early political years became ministers) to the self-portrayed “radical left.” All of them have had zero effect in deviating from financial “orders” and doctrines of the actual Bosses – the men who hold the money strings. Are you a voter? Pay attention. Snap out of your chat. Quick. They have already got you by the ___.




Code # 4: Let the people fight each other: Racism, anti-immigrant, whatever hue or color


Some journalists and commentators have been heard saying that Trump supporters in USA and Brexit supporters in UK are actually discontented with the political establishment. They feel their voice is not heard. They see the jobs gone and they want to blame someone. So they are attacking the easy targets, the migrants. Is it latent racism that has always existed in the West and is now finding a way to express itself? Or is it functional racism that assists for the functional confusion that is spread globally about the phase of capitalism called “neo-liberalism”. It is perhaps both.


Today, racism in the form of anti-Islamism is being propelled in Europe; clearly an act of the establishment. In the rare occasions where anti-fascists have gathered to protest, they have been brutally attacked by police under the false media headline “Police FORCED to use violence to break up extremists”.   In UK, Germany, and elsewhere there are thousands of racists that come out on the street as Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (German:Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandesan anti-islamic reactionary movement) and the anti-Pegida-movement is very ….. lefty-touchy-feely-progressive …. The result is that racism is on the rise and now being a Pegida member is almost normalized in some areas. Therefore it is gradually becoming more acceptable to be a white supremacist in the EEC.




The media is fueling this project while underplaying the French labor unrest. Same thing in the USA as Trump openly refers to white supremacy when he says he wants to make America great.


We have a live example of institutional racism. In Greece, the establishment tried to fuel racism through the influx of refugees. The reaction of the general public surprised even the most radical of people. The majority came out and hugged wet refugees and gave them shelter and food; advocated for their human rights. What did the left-wing government do? Turned against the solidarity movement with violence, relabeled concentration camps into “refugee hot-spots” and ordered cops to keep them inside fences for the public’s protection. This is happening live everywhere in Greece. They keep it out of the news but there are squats by the solidarity movement, there are clashes on a daily basis outside the concentration camps, burning and riots inside concentration camps, but it is all “news-quiet”.


The rich are not racist at all, they could not care less what color the exploited are, as long as they keep being obedient and exploited. If they fight with each other and compete on who is more exploitable the better. Like it made a difference since the Harland County Kentucky militant miners’ strikes (whose side are you on, whose side are you on?) what color was the soldier that shot you in the head, or what color the skin of the miner was under all this black coal dust. All coal miners worldwide have always been black, despite of the color of their mothers. And all coal mine owners have always been “mother*%$s”. It is a fact of life as they say in the halls of the Royal Oxford University.


Race, religion, nation, ethnicity, soccer team affiliation, the land of our forefathers (who raped our foremothers – even the word-speller does not include such a word) all these things are now important, except for class.


Class is irrelevant.   The root cause of all these problems: loss of jobs, rising prices, politicians in the pockets of rich people – is neoliberal and extreme capitalism. However, the Trump or Hilary voter as much as the Brexit voter does not seem to have a clue. The Labor party in UK is in disarray and the Americans simply brand anyone who talks of class issues as a communist – as if branding someone with a label will solve their jobs problem. America hasn’t changed much since Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter. There is no talk of going outside of capitalism, only talk of pseudo dilemmas as to which version of neoliberal capitalism the establishment likes.   Therefore, as a weapon of mass distraction, racism, ethnocentrism, fascism, is promoted by state and mass media. It is a part of the neo-liberal agenda. The evolution of minority ghetto consolidation, the promotion of functions of mafia, underworld, and neo-Nazi paramilitaries are all part of the promoted agenda. In the most radical decline of peoples’ working and living conditions the issue of class has vanished from the public sphere of concerns. It is Brexit, it is anti-immigration, it is Euro-Zone and ECB-IMF talk, it may be soccer, it can be a scandal and persecution of corrupted officials by whose absence the state cleanses itself into a good capitalist state, but there will be no-talk about class. It is forbidden. Now all classes work together to save the country, the state, the nation. Left or right – both promote class cooperation to resurrect the failing state. It is a nightmare, and when Europeans historically have had nightmares and fear, the rest of the world pays for their feelings of insecurity. Haven’t you heard of the World Wars, dear voter?




And the worst is coming soon… in your neighborhood, inside your home.


What are these western freedoms or values that have been advocated for more than a century in relation to the second world? Well, simply put, everyone has the individual right and freedom to become rich if she/he finds a way and makes the right choices about exploiting and oppressing others. Blackmailing people for survival is legal. Speaking about class is irrelevant and we cannot speak about irrelevant things on mass media. People who speak such nonsense are evil wrongdoers, extremists “who harm” innocent people that the establishment is here to protect. Like all good pimps charge their prostitutes, protection costs and so the innocent must pay for their protection. ARE YOU INNOCENT BOY? (imagine the voice of a Texas ranger-cop from a B-grade Hollywood film leaning on the innocent hero – This ranger is supposed to protect you).


So this is post-modern liberal revolution with a minor twist. The principles of the French revolution, freedom, equality, fraternity, exists in the neo-liberal revolution but not for all. It is freedom, equality, fraternity, of the rich and powerful, against everyone else. It is not a popular revolution, so it has been kept quiet. Eventually this revolution will materialize in a real and serious war against everyone “else”. The conditions are shaped so Europeans will open a war front with the Muslim world. Once all oil fields from Mali and Nigeria to Azerbaijan and Qatar are occupied, it is game over for Earth. “It” can all be controlled by the central palace in London & NY. (“It” refers to Earth.)


If you are a British worker buckle up for the ride of your life. In the next decade you will lose anything that was hard-won through 150 years of struggle. If you are in the rest of the EEC and have not felt the wave yet, you better hold on the guard-rail, this fast changing world is about to take off. If you are in the rest of the world and thought of Bhopal being a disaster caused by the arrogance of a US multinational exploiting people, you ain’t seen nothing yet. There will be thousands like it worldwide. The Union Carbide story will no longer be worth reporting in the news, it would be normal business as usual. Remember that back then Union Carbide was one of the very few international corporation exploiting people and resources in India. Now India is full of Union Carbides and that monster still lives – only under a different name – Bayer.


So, can one still wonder what Brexit, EEC, racism, religious dilution of European homogeny, have to do with each other and whether the media and journalists portray an accurate picture of reality?   Is Brexit a political decision, an economic one, is it a social decision, is it related to race and ethnicity, the influx of Africans and Asians that causes Brexit?   But Brexit is not a decision, not yet anyway. The legal voters of the UK may have been slightly favoring Brexit, but only a few high-power officials will decide on Brexit. Their mainland Europe counterparts are urging them to do so quickly. Urging who? The people? The prime-minister that claimed defeat and resigned is the only one that can possibly apply for an exit from the EEC. Possibly with some penalties for such an act and violating a mutual contract. Will the next head of state May file for an exit at the earliest? She speaks confidently as if she will; but she is a politicians and dollar notes trump votes anytime. Is simply this condition the UK is under, uncertainty, the straw that will break the camel’s back? Will the UK’s debt be viable whether the UK stays in our out of the EEC? By next fall the vote will be influenced on a more educated choice of what a Brexit may mean for the UK voter. Will the vote matter? Most probably not.


What happened in Greece, gradually happened to the rest of the PIIGS.   PIIGS is a clearly racist construct for the states of Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain, placed in such an order that it forms the acronym that rhymes with PIGS. Despite the UK always having a higher ratio of debt to GDP none would dare challenge the viability of its debt or dare refer to those with a stiff upper lips as Pigs. The financial world would not do such a thing. Those financiers who rate and decide on countries fates have interests in London themselves. Even if they are in New York, or Hong Kong they are Londoners at heart. They represent interests of the Brits. They have served very well. Could it be the London School of Economics teachings that has resulted in such ingenious way of using financial tricks to consolidate global domination to a handful of financial institutions?


France, not even a PIIGS state, is undergoing self-induced reform of its economics, starting with demolishing the labor law infrastructure that was built on the dialectic of the capitalist state and rivers of blood on the streets of Paris. Not one, but two Paris communes, had a labor agenda. For the past few months France has been paralyzed. This has had an influence on the UK. If France fails to maintain stability it is better not to be caught inside such an EEC. There can be no EEC with a collapsed France and yet a third Paris occupied commune. Between Algerian victims of racism and vicious anarchist youth there will be no Paris left to reoccupy by the state forces. Even the warriors of ISIL will tremble and shake on such a site!   Now dear voter, do you really give a ‘sh-ex-it’ if the waves ruled Britannia? Remember, every vote counts but not every voter! And no lives matter, especially if they are from the voting class.


france riots at end


© Yianiris, 2016



Image 1: Niklas Hallen/AFP Image 2: George Marks | Retrofile | Getty Images

Image 3: Deforestation Brazil:

Image 4: Port of Piraeus:

Image 5: Pegida:

Image 6: Riots in France from:


1: It seems that few within the media spectrum noticed that since the Irish resistance had been mainstreamed, the IRA had become a legal (non-threatening) political party, instead of a revolutionary militant group, and the open Schengen borders assisted in defusing this historic thorn of the Kingdom. So now it is safe for the Royal Army to control the border of North and South Ireland, without any resistance.


2: In Greece, the current neo-liberal government is led by a party that has a 40 year Marxist history. Syriza used to be called communist party of the interior, to separate it from the communist party KKE which was Soviet-aligned even after Sovietism collapsed. This very government is privatizing everything, they are destroying labor unions, they are allowing home confiscation for governmental debts (beyond private debt) and there is nothing that separates them from the most conservative government that Greece has had in 40 years.

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