I have no clue

Hello, my name is Maya and I am traveling to attend a scientific conference together with some colleagues, who are sitting in the front rows of this aircraft.


On a holiday alone? Traveling solo is very boring.


I too love to travel. Last year my husband and I went on a holiday to Las Vegas. Throughout the week I spent my time by his side, watching how he was losing little by little, his annual bonus in the casino slot machines.


No, I never bet because I have no luck at gambling. I would rather go to a Celin Dion show, but my husband thinks it’s a waste to pay to listen to music you can download from YouTube for free.


By the way, traveling alone has another drawback, is more expensive than traveling with someone else since you have no one to share expenses.


A few months ago I visited Paris with my sister, whose son goes to school there, to make my trip cheaper. My nephew and two of his friends kindly took us around town, so my sister and I paid their tickets to museums, transportation, lunch and dinner.


No I did not do any shopping. We were left with no money to afford a visit to Lafayette Gallery.


You must feel very lonely on flights when traveling alone, but fortunately this time you are sitting next to me. Please consider yourself as a member of the group of people that accompanies me on this trip.


I have no clue. My travel companions made all the arrangements. I do not know why I was not assigned a seat at the front rows of the plane, next to them.



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