Trump Tarahumara: Grand Opening Speech

 photo 2 trump tarahamara

Renowned for their long-distance running ability, the Tarahumara, also known as the Rarámuri, are a Native American people who live in and above the canyons of Sierra Madre Occidental in north-western Mexico. This is where they retreated five centuries ago from invading Spaniards.


Now that Trump has invaded their mountainous habitat with the Trump-Taruhumara (pictured above), this remote group asked our visiting Essayist author: Where do we run now?


“To the USA,” one of the younger Rarámuri replied cheekily causing some laughter in the crowd.


“But won’t we come up against a Wall?” said an older man innocently followed by more laughter.


“And also some Bad Hombres,” said another young man again provoking some more giggles and laughter. Obviously the remote Taruhumara people have their fingers on the remote controls of their televisions. They find the US presidential race coverage more entertaining than Mexican soap operas.


“Well we first learnt to run uphill in order to resist the invading Spaniards. Now we will have to learn to jump over walls to escape Trump,” said the wise Chief as the group rolled over in mirth. Our author could not get a word in sideways.


The Tarahumara people continued their jokes into the night. And the brilliant mountain moon shone on a stoned Trump’s magnificent mane as he echoed: Mexico will pay!x

© María D Gómez, 2016

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