Blue (For You) Planet

This column will carry articles about environmental destruction and species extinction, the biggest threats facing humankind today. Our habitat, our house is under attack, it is disintegrating - and we are the ones destroying it.

We all know that Planet Earth looks blue when satellites or astronauts looks down from outer space. Most of this is because of the earth, ironically, comprises of 70% water. But thanks to human activity, Earth may never be the same again.

However, perhaps the next time a satellite or a spacesuit looks down, they will see that the size of the blue has increased because some of us have also become blue. Blue for Mother Earth, for nature, for all the animal and plant species, blue for life as we knew it, blue about our own future. This column is for all those singing the blues for the Planet, for every species and for our own. Is anyone listening? Does it matter to a blues musician?

The blues singer sings his sorrows anyway? Does singing take his troubles away? Perhaps nothing changes with respect to the circumstances, but singing the blues makes the pain bearable. And we are in pain - it is the torture our fellow humans are causing to the planet that is causing us pain. Will we stop torturing the planet? Perhaps not, but we can stop doing whatever wrong we were doing as individuals, and sing the blues loud and sing the blues longer. Perhaps it is too late. But we can always sing, or maybe scream. Scream so loud that the spacesuits on the space-station have to shut their ears and scream even louder to make the satellites shatter. If no one on earth hears us, perhaps someone out there will.

That's Hope - humankind's antidote against all and every threat.