Nilesh Chatterjee

Nilesh Chatterjee
Nilesh Chatterjee is a behavioural scientist with training in sociology and medicine. He has extensive experience in international public health research, behavior change communication, training, and teaching in public health, education, and management and has published various health, education and management papers and reports in peer-reviewed journals on projects conducted in USA, Mexico, India, and Bangladesh. He has also co-authored a monograph titled “The Fall of Public Place with Michael Jacobsen

Currently, he lives and works in Mumbai and New Delhi in India, and spends three-quarters of his time working as Head of Research & Evaluation at Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs (JHUCCP), India office on the design, development, and implementation of social-behavioral change and health communication programs for various health, environment, and social development projects in India. He has worked on maternal child health project in the state of Andhra Pradesh; family planning in Uttar Pradesh; tobacco control implementation in various states in India; HIV prevention for the national aids control society; adolescent HIV education; and is currently working on environmental issue of river Ganga.

He has also worked in the area of education with the non-profit Kotak Education Foundation (KEF), where he designed and implemented programs in the area of educational effectiveness for low-income schools through an integrated school-based approach that also targeted parental empowerment; and employability-education programs for low-income communities in Mumbai. In 2009-10, he completed a comprehensive research study (using quantitative and qualitative methods including video diaries) of the food security situation among urban poor households in Mumbai. He has also developed appropriate health education materials in video format for families and patients of chronic kidney disease. He also conducts periodic educational sessions for patients of chronic disease and their families on using behavioral science approaches to improve their quality of life.

Before returning to India, Nilesh was Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University, Texas, USA and also served as Adjunct Faculty in Health Administration at Texas Woman’s University, Houston and in Health Promotion at University of Texas School of Public Health. He has served as Principal Investigator of a Centers for Disease Control (CDC)-funded community trial on the role of popular opinion leaders in preventing STI in inner-cities in Texas; co-investigator of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) -funded project on disparities elimination; and of a CDC-funded community trial on social marketing for STI prevention. He also obtained funding from CONACYT, Mexico and partnered with senior investigators at Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila to understand social-cultural determinants of diabetes among Mexicans living in northern Mexico and Texas; co-investigator; facilitator of problem-based and interdisciplinary learning at University of Texas Health Science Center.

Between 2003-05 the Governor of the state of Coahuila in México invited Nilesh to design and direct “Desarrollo Saludable” (Healthy Development) - a project based on a Leadership/Advocacy Framework that was implemented state-wide. The project worked directly under the Office of the Governor, and tested a model to integrate civil society with local government departments of Education, Health, and Social Development at the municipal/town level.


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