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GUIDELINES: To Submit articles to The Essayist – Kindly follow these practices

Subject line of Email:

In the subject line of this email, please write “Submission for The Essayist” followed by your “name” and the title of the “article.”


Body of Email:

Part 1 : Please write a brief introduction about yourself. If you have any previous work or writings, please send us the correct URLs of those pages. No more than 3 URLs.


Part 2 : Please send your article or submission as plain text in the body of an email. Kindly do not send attachments in your first email.


Part 3 : If you have photographs or clips associated with your story, please do not attach them. Do mention in Part 3, that you have them if required. Once, the editorial team has read your article and approved, they will contact you for appropriate supporting material such as photos.


Part 4 : (Please write this as Part 4 with your name) Author’s Responsibility: I / We, ______, the author / authors take complete responsibility for originality of this work, and the views expressed in this article are purely those of the author / authors; and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Essayist or the institutions that the author / authors are affiliated with.


Submissions of Fiction / Poetry:

The Essayist does accept fiction and poetry submissions; but they have to be compiled in a way that makes sense as a series. Therefore, if you have such submissions in mind, then please send us an email with a brief description of how your individual pieces fit into a series and how that series fits within the larger theme of The Essayist. Remember, we prefer articles that “defamiliarize the familiar and familiarize the unfamiliar.”


Response Time:

Please note that we will do our best to respond to all inquiries. We do want to encourage writers and essayists. However, reading manuscripts can be time-consuming and therefore there may be delays in responding appropriately to each contributor. If you have not heard from us in 6 weeks, we suggest you send us one reminder email. Please do not send reminder emails before 6 weeks.



The Essayist does not make any form of payment for contributions.


Copyright and Originality:

The Essayist supports and encourages contributors own efforts to promote and disseminate their original works. The Essayist requires authors to submit original pieces of work that have not been previously published elsewhere. The author has the responsibility not only for submitting original pieces of work but also include appropriate citations (and URL- if applicable) for the use of data and related content used to supplement the author’s arguments in the article. In order to protect the integrity of authorship, only people who have significantly contributed to the article should be listed as author or co-authors.


The Essayist respects the copyright ownership of the author. However, The Essayist does not support any form of plagiarism and it is the author’s responsibility to ensure that only original works are submitted. If the author submits work that has been published elsewhere, then it is the author’s responsibility to get appropriate and proper clearances from the previous publication (s). If the author has published a submitted piece elsewhere, then it is the author’s responsibility to ensure that proper clearance and permissions are obtained. However, if The Essayist accepts a piece written by the author, then we expect the author to not publish it elsewhere for a certain period of time and also ensure that all publications are made aware that this piece is published in The Essayist and provide the URL links to that publication.



All copyright belongs to the author(s). The Essayist does not claim copyright over any of the materials published in this website. If you want to use any material, please contact the author or contact to get author’s contact details.


In some cases the authors have given permission to use their material to be used for free or as open access materials provided they are cited accurately. In such cases, the following will appear at the end of the article or the start of the article.



©Author Name.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly cited.
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The Essayist has started with 4 issues every year. The dates of upload of each issue and the date by which the contributor/ author should submit his/her draft are given below. There are no constraints on word length or style. The articles have to be insightful, interesting and challenge set ways of thinking about a topic. The articles should be driven by the author’s interests and the areas of life and living; and in areas / topics in which the author wants to make a statement.


Authors should refrain from using abusive language or personal attacks.


Important dates are:

Date of upload of the 4 issues per year For author –Date of submission of
author’s draft for issue on left
For author and editors –If any revisions required – Date of submitting any revisions before upload (15 days before upload)
January 1 November 20 of preceding year Dec 10 of previous year
April 1 March 1 of same year March 15
July 1 June 1 of same year June 15
October 1 Sept 1 of same year Sept 15


Thank you for your contributions and your help in making an ‘essay’ into reality.





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